Self-esteem issues

Children who don’t like themselves, think they are worthless and have a lowered self-worth think that everybody else is better than them. They are the children who don’t want try new things in case they fail.  When children think they are  worthless they start to lead their life on the outside as opposed to being an active participant in their life. Many children with low self-esteem are those in the classroom that no-one seems to notice or remember. They will feel worthless and will often not speak in company, believing that what they have to say isn’t really important to anyone, or they feel they will be criticized for their opinions. When children feel worthless, any praise or encouragement may be perceived as untrue to the child because deep inside they believe that the statement is not valid, not based on fact, or it comes from pity.  Some children with low self-esteem can exaggerate good qualities about others and see all the bad or inadequate one’s in themselves. Children with low self-esteem often discard good things because they do not deserve it. As such, any achievements are often not enjoyed as “it was just good luck” and not a result of their hard work or talent. Sometimes children with low self-worth are proud of what they achieve, but their achievements are never sufficient to change their image of themselves. A lot of children who feel worthless put up with cruelty and unkindness for far longer than a child with high self- worth. Thus, they can become perfect targets for bullies.

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